Johan Henselmans

Hard and Software developer, Trainer, Writer


Johan Henselmans, who operates under the company names Netsense but also under the names Timerot, ReadRFid and sometimes as Coreservices, Qrafya or Mycayoca, is a jack of all trades who has been working and works as a systems-manager, developer, project-manager, researcher, organisation-consultant, writer and trainer. He has worked with several operating systems (SunOS, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOs) and programming-languages, from Cobol to Go, Javascript to Dart, Basic to (Objective-)C, Bash to Perl and Python, and has used databases as varied as Access to Mysql/MariaDB and Postgresql, and has worked in organisations as big as national banks and as small as a one man team. He is currently looking for new exiting challenges related to saving humans from a climatic extinction.

He has a degree in Organisation Sociology and is also trained as an IT-architect. When pressed he will, apart from his native language (Dutch), speak English, German, French or Italian. When properly intoxicated, he might try to speak all at the same time.

From time to time he plays some guitars that he has acquired over the years. Don’t ask why he doesn’t practice enough.


  • Developing useful stuff
  • Music
  • Information Retrieval (reading books)


  • BSc in Sociology, specialising in environmental studies, 1975-1979

    University of Amsterdam

  • Ambi IT-training as a systems designer, 1985-1988


  • MSc in Sociology, specialising in creating AI-models of decision-building, 1989-1991

    University of Amsterdam

  • Various Apple-Mac trainings to work as an Apple-trainer, 2006-2009


  • A variety of programming-languages, from SPSS and Prolog to Go and Flutter., 1979-2019